California here I come!

I am currently on my way to California!
I am heading to the desert to see family, friends and go to the Coachella
music festival. I’m excited. It has been 2 years since I’ve been back to the desert and has been the longest time I haven’t visited since I moved back to Buffalo.

I will be sending photos along.. It will most likely be of weird/terrible urban planning mistakes… Haha or of the beautiful desert landscape…

Palm Desert is a weird place with only a handful of local establishments and very few things accessible without a car. It has a stucco/generic feeling to it but the mountains and scenic views can be quite impressive. I do enjoy being able to navigate based on mountain ranges, it’s topography is something I miss since Buffalo is so flat!!

Well, it should be an amazing time and I am thrilled to have a vacation. I didn’t bring a laptop with me but obviously have my phone. I also brought IMAGE OF THE CITY, a book on cities by Kevin Lynch. Always has been a great and inspiring read for me. I’m looking forward to reading by the pool as I attempt to get a tan!

Anyhow, California here I come!

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