Buffalo is Talking Proud!

So, a few friends from California are here visiting as part of a national tour they are doing with their band…

Do you know how they describe Buffalo?

They said these three things… It’s a beautiful city. We have amazing food (especially wings and they loved five points bakery!). Finally, we are a bunch of people with pride and spirit for our city.

How awesome is that?!!??

They already love Buffalo and understand Buffalo and I didn’t even get to take them on a tour or show them a Dyngus day celebration! They figured it out on their own. They also compared me to some girl on the show Parks and Recreation because of how much I love buffalo? I’ve never seen it but I trust that it was a complimentary statement! Haha

Anyhow, while my California friends went to Anchor bar for wings, I went to the Dyngus Day event at the central terminal.

Here is a photo!!! What an incredible time we had dancing to polka and eating peirogi.

People are so proud in Buffalo! I’m happy that my California friends can understand why I love Buffalo so much.



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