Making Parking Garages Look Good.

When I was in Baltimore this past week, I spotted this parking garage. (See pic below!)

It doesn’t look fancy or anything but the art added to the exterior really made what would normally be a plain Jane site, into something that was pleasant. The colorful art gave life to something that is typically lifeless. What a simple, easy idea!

I wish Buffalo would take something like this into account when building parking garages… there are several downtown (Including this one –  The BNMC Parking Garage) that could be easily spruced up which would make the downtown area more appealing!

I also included  a link to the top 10 most beautiful parking garages. Take a look. Some of the parking garages are really neat!


Photo: Downtown Baltimore Parking Garage near Mulberry Street.

One thought on “Making Parking Garages Look Good.

  1. RaChaCha

    Great Baltimore pic — that’s a lighter, quicker, cheaper idea that Buffalo could embrace.

    There’s actually a couple decent parking garages in Rochester, that have nice accommodations for street-level retail and blend in about as well as can be done with their surroundings. One of them got the ultimate compliment: a guy was going to eat at Dinosaur BBQ and wanted to know where to park. Person pointed him to the parking garage on the kitty-corner block. He looked and said, “That?! How am I supposed to recognize that’s a parking garage?”

    Decades ago, Rochester also had one of the first parking garages with an auto elevator, but it was demo’d at the end of its service life.

    And don’t forget that Buffalo has an Esenwein and Johnson parking garage with terra cotta facade!

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