NESEA Inspires.

Three questions came to my mind this weekend…

Do I actually inspire people? Does NESEA inspire? Does the industry inspire?

Can I inspire? I guess so! Last week, I had a chance to extend myself beyond the norm. I completed a milestone in my life. I was a part of the keynote experience at NESEA. I kept thinking – who am I to tell these people where our industry needs to go and what to do? Well, it turns out that people not only listened and agreed, they were inspired. Maybe they did not all agree but I must have spoken to 100 people after that loved my enthusiasm, my energy, my information, my outlook as a young emerging professional…  they listened to my plea for us to get sexy and to start pushing the market. Many were impressed with my ability to giggle and ability to stand up there so confidently..  Listening to everyone really made me happy and really inspired. People actually want to hear what I have to say? Weird but true. What a milestone the BE12 experience was for me. Its crazy to say but I think I may have inspired some folks.

So, does NESEA inspire people? YES! The 4,000 people who came were a mix of people – students, professionals and even home owners. NESEA as the ability to recharge our batteries. NESEA inspires to rethink, relearn and recharge. NESEA teaches, loves and encourages the industry all in only 3 days. NESEA and the Building Energy conference is inspiring.

Lastly, does the industry inspire? I will say confidently, yes.  This year especially, there were several new faces – young faces and old. What really shocked me was the amount of new, young professionals that came to the conference. This year we had a group, a small group, but a solid one which is something that I have never seen before.  NESEA and the industry is starting to push into this young market. People want to be in the sustainable world and it seems that each year more and more young, smart, hip professionals attend the conference and even bigger – they are working in this field everyday. This is a big deal. The industry is inspiring people to join, to learn, and to gather. Pretty cool, huh?

NESEA is inspiring!

Here is the link to the NESEA photos by Matt Cavanaugh! Hope these inspire you!



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