Heart Bombs and Love Birds… National Trust for Historic Preservation Coverage!!

Oh man. When I saw this I have never been so shaky, excited and happy in my life. This is a big deal.  Buffalo is once again in the preservation news for fun, creative things and it is great to see the Nat. Trust be so in love with Buffalo, post preservation conference. I am so pumped about the Heart Bomb idea.. I can’t believe we put it all together and put them up.  I won’t take full credit for the idea but the bomb idea was out there, the hearts were my idea. ( I love hearts!)

This article not only highlighted the our Heart Bombs that we did this weekend but it highlighted Jason and I as a power couple in the Buffalo preservation world. How incredible is that? I think its amazing. We knew going into this we would be a dream team. I mean, we are not perfect by any means but we are happy and we like to TCB and take action in Buffalo. We both want Buffalo to be more awesome than it already is.  Being a power couple is great. I feel spoiled having someone I can understand, rely on, play ideas off of and make out with all at the same time.

Here is the article: http://blog.preservationnation.org/2012/02/14/heart-bombs-and-love-stories-how-buffalos-preservation-power-couple-celebrates-valentines-day/

Here is a photo of us at St. Pauls Mall. (Now demolished.. sadly..)

2 thoughts on “Heart Bombs and Love Birds… National Trust for Historic Preservation Coverage!!

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