I have found my dream house.

I have found the house of my dreams… now I just have to save it from demolition.

This house, 550 7th street, is an 1877 italianate cottage located in the Lakeview area of Buffalo’s West Side. It is a managable house (2000 sf) with 2 units. It has beautiful round windows, a newer roof, shutters, an amazing porch with incredible detail and is in a good location.

I have already been in contact with the city about it and was told to call tomorrow morning. According to the city official, the house has not been awarded a demo contract but it needs to be verified. If it has not been awarded, I can schedule a walk through of the house and start the paperwork. I believe I can get this for a homesteading price of $1.00!

I am crossing my fingers that this all works out and that the inside is in good shape. This may be my life consuming summer/winter 2012 project.. but it will be so well worth it. I am very excited.


More details to come..

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