Trico: A Building Worth Saving

Just over a week ago, myself and a team of Buffalo’s preservationists, had the wonderful opportunity to wander through and tour the Trico building in downtown Buffalo. The BNMC allowed us to tour it in hopes that we can come together to identify the best adaptive reuse plan for the property. The BNMC has paused the demo permit temporarily while we push to find a developer to take on this building.

Trico is a 600,000 sq. ft. building with very strong and structurally sound bones. There was water and a lot of peeling paint but nothing out of the ordinary. This building can easily be reused, especially given its large floor plates. Ideas were thrown around like Ecc moving in, a grocery store, indoor parking, apartments, incubator space and more. This buildings open floor plan allows for many uses to live under one roof pretty easily.

Trico’s value right now is made up of historical content because it was significant in the development and success of the windshield wiper, is a beautiful example of a daylight factory and also employed thousands of people. Even my father worked there!!!

But the building needs work. It needs to be developed or mothballed properly. We need to find a developer – fast. It needs a new roof, environmental remediation and a plan – a good, creative plan. Trico is listed on the national register, making it available to have historic tax credits for work being done. A local company, Preservation Studios, are champions at this and have already stated that Trico can and should take advantage of these tax credits. The opportunity is there, we just have to find someone to take it on.

We need a plan for the Trico building because it is worth saving!


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