Net Zero in Buffalo!

On Tuesday morning, I had the opportunity to take the PUSH Green Zone Tour that they have each month. It was great to see so much development going on in the West Side of Buffalo, especially because I live literally a block away! There is so much construction happening on Mass Ave.. I should have taken more photos.

I took this picture of 10 Winter Street, the PUSH Net Zero demonstration project. Buffalo Energy, the company I work for, has been very active in working with PUSH for this house and it is nice to see it in action. The house has solar thermal, PV, geothermal, super insulation, heat recovery system.. it really has some serious stuff going on in there. Pretty soon they will actually have a tenant in there to take advantage of this place!

We should be excited about what PUSH is doing because they are making big strides in Buffalo.

I encourage everyone to take the tour or walk around the mass ave area. I believe the next tour is January 14th. There is so much happening, its exciting!

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