“You can have it all.. but you can’t have it all at the same time.”

A co worker said to me this quote earlier in the week – ” you can have it all but you cant have it all at the same time”.
What an incredible amount of wisdom and inspiration all in one little sentence. It really make me think and this is a little insight to my thoughts.

I am now trying to find a balance between Buffalo, Friends, Family and Love. Its hard. Many do not cross paths as much as I would like them to and sometimes I am up for hours working on Buffalo stuff when I should be going for a dinner date.

So this leads me to the quote. Do I want to go to Alaska? Sure. Do I want to get married in an abandoned church somewhere? Maybe. But the reality is that the goals in life are LIFE goals.. not 2012.. and sometimes being idealistic and excited makes me not realistic.

Anyhow.. if only I had a personal assistant, I could get twice as many things done AND go to Alaska. 🙂

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