The Importance of a Good Housing Court Judge. Vote Gillian Brown!

In Buffalo, we have many issues to deal with (not to a be negative nancy!) but I cannot stress how important housing is in our city.

Dealing with our housing issues and vacancy rates is a HUGE problem and is something that deserves much more attention that we as a city, give it.  There are a lot of great things happening and a lot of bad at the same time. We are constantly not holding building owners accountable for their neglect.. constantly demoing buildings because they have been neglected so long and constantly dealing with absentee landlords who have thousands of outstanding violations… its a big job to have and one that requires the discipline and experience that Gillian Brown has.

Tomorrow is election day. There is ONE person running who has openly expressed the want to be housing court judge.. usually no one wants it.. its sorta the forgotten step child.. but ONE person wants it and actually deserves it!

GILLIAN BROWN needs to be our new City Court Judge. He wants to run the housing court the way the wonderful judge Nowak did for 8 years. Gillian Brown wants to STAY in housing court and feels that its the happiest area of housing court because you see people give progress to neighborhoods. Gillians want to be there and his experience make him an excellent candidate for City Court Judge. Tomorrow when you are voting, please look for Gillian Browns name on the Working Family Line. If you dont know who else to vote for, consider voting only for Gillian to give him a better chance of winning.

Look folks, we have lost some major battles this year because we currently have a housing judge who does not care. Gillian Brown wants it. Lets give it to him.

Here are some media links for you to look at. 

Here is Gillian Browns facebook:

Here is the wonderful article from Fix Buffalo Blog:

Here is Buffalorisings post on Gillian Brown:

Finally, here is the first of a three part series about Gillian. Its a great way to understand who he is and feel out your own opinion. He explains his goals a lot better than I can.












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