Just posted this on facebook! I am involved in so many events this week its just bonkers. I need a vacation.

Events happening this week that YOU should come to because I am either in them, they are awesome, fun, enlightening and inspiring. ❤

Tuesday – Campaign for Greater Buffalo is hosting a preservation awards ceremony highlighting Buffalo’s most prominent preservationists. 7 – 9pm @wny book arts center in downtown buffalo. FREE

Wednesday – Meet and Greet at Pearl Street for all the young preservationists at 8pm with Mike Puma and many others!
A Party for the PRESERVATION GENERATION is at SOUNDLAB from 9 – 12. Jillian Mertz is djing and we are showing sneak peeks of John Paget’s new films. $10
Thursday – I am playing my first show in a year (AT SEA) / Sean’s Going Away Show at Sugar City. Also, Sean Mikula and Alex Berkley haven’t played in Buffalo in FOREVER. Come out, listen, love and show support!!!

Friday – Buffalo Unscripted: A City Speaks is happening at the Market Arcade and Chris Hawley and i will be speaking along with several other fun people. This is the event of the week because the film is all about how amazing buffalo is. You may be inspired so much you will cry.

Saturday – Bike Tour across Buffalo starts at 8am with David Torke. An open air bus tour is happening too!

Sunday – SLEEP.

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