WNY Solar Homes and Green Buildings Tour

As Co- Chair of the WNY Solar Homes and Green Buildings Tour, I would like to take a minute to add some information on my blog about it.

The tour is this Saturday, October 1, 2011 from 10am – 4pm. The tour is the largest in NY and has gained a lot of attention from our parent chapter – NESEA.  We have 43 sites so far, all which can be seen on our website – www.wnysea.com. We are having a kick off awards party which will give away prizes, awards to green buildings and have speakers talk about some innovative projects going on in Western New York. Cool, huh?

Below is the poster for the tour . Additionally, In the next coming months, the WNYSEA organization will also be working on a series of short forums and videos to show to the public. I am working on what I call the “sustainability series” where I plan to have a variety of talks about areas that promote sustainability. I will post more information about that soon enough.

I hope to see everyone there! This is a big deal for Western New York. We can easily be the leaders of the Green Movement in New York, if we just pushed a little harder!


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